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Dzintra Erliha – Dreamscape

Dzintra Erliha – Dreamscape

Peace, silence, meditation, dreams, reflections, memories…

And love. That is how one could describe my album DREAMSCAPE. It is dedicated to piano music by female composers of the 21st century. These are women from all over the world whose creative paths have crossed with mine. I have chosen these pieces based on one principle – they resonate with my inner world.

The album includes several premieres written by the composers specially for this album: “Gentle WillPower” by Esin Aydingoz, “Loss for Solo Piano” by Leanna Primiani, and “Vignettes from the Park” by Lolita Ritmanis.

DREAMSCAPE is the second album after SERENA that I have dedicated to piano music by 21st-century female composers.


Dzintra Erliha


Executive producer: Edgardo Vertanessian

Recorded at the Latvian Radio Studio 1, Rīga, Latvia, in July 2023
Recording and editing: Modris Bērziņš
Mixing and mastering: Edgardo Vertanessian

Photos: Tatyana Vlasova
Artwork and cover design: Andrew Vlasov
Booklet design: Romina Pacor


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