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Florian Arnicans

Florian Arnicans


Florian Arnicans has the rare gift of captivating and inspiring his audience. A sound and music experience that touches the soul!

Born in Germany, Florian Arnicans received his first cello lessons at the age of 5 and quickly discovered his passion and vocation for music. After receiving his first artistic training at the Belvedere Music School in Weimar, Florian Arnicans soon was in a position to take up studies at the Franz Liszt University of Weimar for highly gifted talents, starting at a mere 17 years of age. Brunhard Böhme, Johannes Goritzki, Patrick Demenga and Thomas Grossenbacher were among his most important instructors. Florian Arnicans has always been inspired by other instrumentalists. He was influenced most by the pianist Homero Francesch and the violinist Pierre Amoyal, alongside whom Florian Arnicans regularly performed as a soloist and chamber musician on the international stage.

Florian Arnicans feels particularly attached to the romantic era. Numerous CD and radio recordings testify to his great artistic work and have received positive reviews around the world.
In addition to his concert activities, Florian Arnicans teaches with great passion. He is a regular guest lecturer of master classes in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and at the Latvia Music Academy.

Florian Arnicans continues to be a sought-after soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. He regularly plays alongside well-respected orchestras and at international music festivals such as the Bodensee Festival (2013), Bregenz Festival (2013), London Proms (2014), Lucerne Festival (2016) or the Menuhin Festival Gstaadt (2018).
A significant step in Florian’s musical and personal development was the founding of Duo Arnicans together with his wife and pianist Arta in 2013. Since then, the duo has performed on numerous concert stages in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain as well as Latvia and has been awarded with great enthusiasm from the audience.


Duo Arnicans – Fairytale

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