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Florian Roth

Florian Roth

Florian Roth

Florian Roth was born in 1982 in the northern part of Switzerland as the oldest of four siblings. He started playing the guitar by the age of 8 and by his teenage years he had become a passionate singer-songwriter.


A big influence on his way of playing came in 2011, where he started playing regularly with a group of international musicians. Their music can be best described as meditative instrumental trance. It consists of drumming and rhythmical instruments as well as improvised singing and melodic world instruments. They continue to play regularly to this day.


Another major influence came from the shamanic traditions from the Amazon and North America, where music is used—along with hallucinogenic plants such as ayahuasca and peyote—as an element to the ceremonial journey. Their ways of playing and singing quickly fascinated him and influenced his style substantially.


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Florian is also a practicing clinical psychologist and psychotherapist for adults in Lucerne, Switzerland. His research and practice will soon include therapy and music combined in a fluid and symbiotic way.




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