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Gerard Spencer

Gerard Spencer

Gerard Spencer

Meet Gerard Spencer, a professional handpan player from Brussels, Belgium, with a passion for exploring the rich and varied sounds of this unique instrument. Gerard first discovered the handpan while hearing a street performer along the River Thames, in London. He immediately fell in love with the unique, soothing mesmerizing tones of the instrument.

After an arduous quest to obtain his first handpan, Gerard spent several years honing his skills and building his reputation as a talented handpan street performer. His style of playing is characterized by a classical approach to handpan influenced by several years of classical piano training, as well as by his virtuosity playing simultaneously handpan, foot percussions and didgeridoo. He has performed at venues and festivals all around Europe, captivating audiences with his skillful playing and unique compositions.

In addition to his solo work, Gerard is also a sought-after collaborator and has worked with a

diverse range of musicians and performers, exploring the intersection of different musical traditions and cultures.

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Gerard is also committed to sharing his love of the handpan with others, offering workshops and classes to students of all skill levels. He founded in 2023, together with his brother, Laurent, the Spencer Handpan Academy, where together, they encourage students to explore their own creative potential through the handpan. Through his music and teaching, Gerard hopes to inspire others to discover the power and beauty of this fascinating instrument.

Gerard continues to perform and tour internationally, captivating audiences with his soulful and emotive playing style. He has released several albums. “Ode to the Handpan” is the result of a collaboration with the label “Prima Classic” specialized in classical music and is a unique creation of soulful and emotive compositions.


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