Elena Kole – Purple Bird

Duo Arnicans – Fairytale

Marina Rebeka – Voyage





Andrejs Osokins – Stardiving
PRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW Improvisations on the melodies from the lost notebook For the first time on record, Andrejs Osokins improvises at the piano in our recording studio. The result of this one-of-a-kind…
Anders Miolin – Visions
BOOKLET DOWNLOADPRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW Following "A Timeless Odyssey" and "Romantic" Anders Miolin's new album Visions Original compositions for the 12-String guitar DODEKA When it comes to music, Anders Miolin incarnates the modern…
Vincenzo Bellini’s Il Pirata Full Studio Recording
BOOKLET DOWNLOADPRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW "Rejoice as one of my parents and relatives; your Nephew has had the fortune of making such an event with his opera, that he cannot express it, neither…
Anda Eglite – Reflections
PRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW Traditional and original compositions for 33-string Kokle Harp by Anda Eglīte and other female composers These songs, performed in Anda's unique style, are relaxing, inspiring, and calming. A most…
Franco Vassallo – Arcano
BOOKLET DOWNLOADPRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW An invitation to the magical world of Tosti's Salon Music High-ceilinged rooms with elaborate chandeliers and exquisite furniture, lavish meals and delicate wines, civilized conversation with the most…
Andrejs Osokins – Two Worlds
BOOKLET DOWNLOADPRESS DOWNLOADSLISTEN NOW A glance at a unique moment in the 20th century's musical scene, on both sides of the Atlantic A personal selection of piano pieces by George Gershwin and…
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