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Marina Rebeka – Elle

Marina Rebeka – Elle

Elle is Marina Rebeka’s fourth solo album, celebrating the diversity of the female roles in some of the greatest French Opera Arias of the canon.

From a sweet recounting of the pleasures of love in Charpentier’s Louise, to the steely determination of Juliette in Gounod’s last scene, passing through the new-found piety of Thaïs, Carmen’s indomitably wild character, Chimène’s extreme sadness in Le Cid, and Marguerite’s transformation from an innocent girl in love into a woman longing for a man who will not return, these and the many more arias that fill this recording explore the emotional spectrum of the female roles in French Opera.

A perfect modern introduction to French Opera for the new listener as well as a valuable addition to the library of the connoisseur, Elle showcases the extraordinary art of Marina Rebeka, one of the most complete sopranos of our times, with not only a unique vocal prowess and range but with unusually deep interpretative powers, making each aria come to life in a new way.

Elle is a studio recording featuring the Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen (Switzerland) conducted by Michael Balke.


Marina Rebeka

[Video] The Making of Elle

Michael Balke


Prima Classic PRIMA004 – UPC 850000325074 Release date: March 20, 2020

Marina Rebeka, soprano
Michael Balke, conductor
Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen, Switzerland

Producers: Mathieu Pordoy and Marina Rebeka
Executive Producers: Edgardo Vertanessian and Marina Rebeka
Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering: Edgardo Vertanessian Recording Assistant: Micha Surber

Location: Tonhalle St. Gallen, Switzerland
Artwork design: Andrew Vlasov / Booklet design: Matīss Zvaigzne
Photography: Marina Rebeka (Tatyana Vlasova) / Michael Balke (Kartal Karagedik)

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