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NYX Trio

NYX Trio

NYX Trio


In 2011 three musicians, Anete Toča (flute), Ieva Sarja (piano), and Tatjana Ostrovska (violin), founded the chamber music ensemble NYX TRIO. This is already the trio’s tenth year of working together, actively performing in Latvia and abroad. During its existence the NYX TRIO has built a very broad repertoire, performing the most well-known pieces for flute, violin and piano by Western European and Latvian composers. In addition, NYX TRIO members are constantly looking for rarely performed or even forgotten pieces, especially by Latvian composers.

It is significant that the whole existence of NYX TRIO started with a dedication: in 2011 composer Andris Vecumnieks re-arranged a composition from his student days, and the NYX Variations was born, whose premiere took place in 2012 at the Great Guild, in Riga, Latvia.

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NYX TRIO is named after the ancient Greek goddess of the night: Nyx. One of her duties was to take care of those working in the night, including artists – musicians, poets, writers. Nyx was responsible for inspiration and creativity. It is therefore no wonder that ancient muses dedicated songs to her, since her benevolence was important – she gave inspiration to the muses who in turn inspired writers, poets, and musicians.


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