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SPIRITO in BUBBLE: The New Hyperreal Audio Format

SPIRITO in BUBBLE: The New Hyperreal Audio Format

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Beyond human hearing

Acting upon the desire to offer more involving listening experiences, Rebeka and her sound team installed a studio capable of mixing in 9.1. But something was still missing. The artist needed to consider technologies and listening installations that could support this pursuit of realism, recreating the feeling of being there. Eager to exchange with the right partners on steering opera recordings toward a more satisfying sonic future, Rebeka and her label Prima Classic learned that L- Acoustics, having pioneered immersive sound for live events, had also developed Blu 23.1, an audio protocol that replicates and even surpasses expert human hearing abilities.

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Rebeka’s Prima Classic label partner and lead engineer Edgardo Vertanessian explains, “It seemed like the obvious thing to do if we want to influence today’s changing music technology landscape. There’s no better place for immersive, multi-channel audio to take hold than in the world of opera. The music is so complex: soloists, duets, full choirs and orchestral accompaniment. I can’t think of another musical genre that is better suited to high resolution, spatialized recordings to translate this vivid tapestry of emotion and drama. L-Acoustics Blu 23.1 protocol has proven ideal for preserving and transporting the absolute integrity of the art.”


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