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Upcoming Release: Andrejs Osokins – Two Worlds

Upcoming Release: Andrejs Osokins – Two Worlds

Andrejs Osokins TWO WORLDS. Music of Gershwin and Debussy

A glance at a unique moment in the 20th century’s musical scene, on both sides of the Atlantic

A personal selection of piano pieces by George Gershwin and Claude Debussy, played by the young virtuoso Andrejs Osokins.

The early twentieth century is known as an era of continuous musical revolutions when a growing number of talented musicians were eager to present new and exciting discoveries to their audiences. This program unmistakably reveals this spirit of experimentation.

This album aims to be a musical palette that will allow us to savor the atmosphere of the early twentieth century. Perhaps the compositions will amalgamate into a story about the sensibilities, experiences, and oscillations of foregone times.

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Included in this album is Andrejs Osokins’ version of Gershwin’s “The man I love” played with his left hand only.

Release on March 5th, 2021 Catalog PRIMA008


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