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Yuri Medianik

Yuri Medianik

Yuri Medianik

Yuri Medianik

Yuri Medianik, an internationally acclaimed conductor and multi-instrumentalist, holds esteemed positions as the music director of the Tyumen Philharmonic Orchestra and the principal conductor of the VGTRK All-Russian Broadcasting Television State Company. Renowned for his captivating performances, Medianik shares the stage with leading artists such as Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, and Anna Netrebko, as well as popular figures like Andrea Bocelli and Lara Fabian.

In 2020, Medianik completed two notable recordings, showcasing his versatility as a bayanist and orchestra leader. He has led prestigious ensembles worldwide, including the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and the Israel Camerata.

As the founder of the VGTRK All-Russian Broadcasting Television State Company Orchestra, Medianik’s influence extends beyond the concert hall. His orchestra is featured on the widely viewed competition Blue Bird, solidifying Medianik’s status as one of Russia’s most celebrated conductors.

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Medianik’s musical journey began at a young age, mastering the bayan and violin and earning numerous prizes in international competitions. He continues to engage audiences through his “Music Tips” YouTube channel, fostering a deeper appreciation for music in English and Chinese.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Medianik is dedicated to philanthropy, serving as an ambassador for “Be the Human” since 2017, supporting children facing illness. With his passion for music and commitment to community engagement, Medianik’s impact transcends the stage.


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