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Deep Sleep Station – Tinnitus Ultimate Relief Vol 1 & 2

Deep Sleep Station – Tinnitus Ultimate Relief Vol 1 & 2

Deep Sleep Station is presenting the first two albums of the Soundscapes Series recordings aimed to help people with sleep and/or hearing disorders (i.e. tinnitus). Each Soundscape has a very different frequency content distribution, giving the listeners a great choice to fit their personal preferences and to mask the particular ringing frequency of their tinnitus.

Applied to the treatment of tinnitus, the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), defines the following:
Masking: exposing the patient to an external noise at a loud enough volume that it partially or completely covers the sound of their tinnitus.
Distraction: using external sound to divert a patient’s attention from the sound of tinnitus.
Modified-Sound / Notched-Music Devices: Unlike standard white noise machines, notched-music devices are generally worn intermittently (only during defined therapy sessions or times of predictable acute need, such as before bed or immediately upon waking), and provide lingering benefit after the device is turned off.

Also, unlike standard white noise machines, notched-music and modified sound devices may, over time, alleviate the perceived burden of tinnitus — even after they are turned off. By facilitating habituation these products may help the patient naturally “tune out” the perception of tinnitus.
Our albums Tinnitus Ultimate Relief Vol. 1&2 aim to provide listeners with all three of the aforementioned resources, recorded in Hi-res audio 96k/32b with Binaural techniques, mastered down to 96k/24b, Apple Digital Masters certified.

Tinnitus Ultimate Relief Vol. 1: Sounds from Nature is a compilation of eight very different soundscapes.
The compilation features thirty minutes of each Soundscape—a total of 240 minutes of audio split in 3-minute tracks for easy playlisting—of each of the following environments: Brook, Stream, Sea, Seagulls, Cicadas, Frogs,
Driving on a rainy day, and Driving on heavy rain.
Tinnitus Ultimate Relief Vol. 2: Noise Therapy is a compilation of ten different type of noises— a total of 300 minutes of audio split in 3-minute tracks— which have a long-stablished reputation as tinnitus relievers.
We’ve recorded fans with different notch frequencies, both static (constant noise) and pulsating (oscillating sound) as follows: 50Hz pulsating, 70Hz static, 70Hz pulsating, 230Hz, 250Hz, 3000Hz, Full range static (balanced frequency content), Full range pulsating, Pink noise, and White noise.

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More Soundscapes will be released in the future, creating a complete catalog of tinnitus relief resources.


Deep Sleep Station


Healing Music / Prima Classic – HEAL002APPLE – 19th November  2021

Executive Producer: Edgardo Vertanessian
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in Hi-Res 96/24 by Edgardo Vertanessian

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