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Deep Sleep Station

Deep Sleep Station

Deep Sleep Station

Deep Sleep Station is the name of a conglomerate of very talented musicians which we carefully select from the academic, classical, and popular music scenes. Featuring only one instrument per album, our music can be applied to multiple environments, i.e., yoga, reading, writing, painting, cooking, photographing, working, gardening, lobby music, background music, etc. We will also be releasing Soundscapes recordings from different environments—seaside, woods, brooks, rain, etc.—aimed to help people with sleep and/or hearing disorders (i.e. tinnitus).

The Deep Sleep Station Style:

Real musicians: We believe in the healing power of human interactions through music, especially in these times of stress and isolation.

Real instruments – Real sounds: No synthesizers, no samples, no loops, no AI-produced music, no instruments from libraries.

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Hi-res: All the albums are recorded at 96k/32 bits (reduced to 24 bits at Mastering) using the highest quality audio equipment to date.


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