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Elena Kole – The Sky

Elena Kole – The Sky

After the acclaimed reception of her debut album
Mirror Touch with more than 2.5 million streams
Pianist and Composer Elena Kole presents her new work

Original piano songs to enjoy at every moment of your day—beautiful, inspiring melodies
to lift up your mood and your playlists.
Evocative, modern, melodic, and heartfelt: in Elena’s music,
Classical meets Pop meets Broadway.


Elena Kole


Prima Classic HEALo2o – Release on May 20th, 2022

Executive Producer: Edgardo Vertanessian
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in Hi-Res 96/24 by Edgardo Vertanessian
All songs were composed and performed by Elena Kole (Kolesnikova)

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