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Matthew Crampton

Matthew Crampton


Matthew Crampton is a storyteller, writer and singer. As a storyteller, he works solo as well as with other artists such as Olga Jegunova, developing new ways to tell stories with music.

His co-devised show The Transports won Five Stars from The Guardian and was an evening concert on BBC Radio 3. His show Human Cargo is based on his 2016 book Human Cargo: stories & songs of emigration, slavery & transportation.

Based in London, Matthew also performs music hall, works in schools and writes books on subjects as diverse as Hebridean fishing and making sweets. His publishing company Muddler Books reprints classic books such as Animal Farm. Among previous careers, he worked as a speechwriter in London and Hong Kong, dramaturg at The Old Vic theatre, masseur and finance director. His awards include Hebridean Fish of the Year 2008.


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