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Laia Pascual

Originally from Valencia, Spain, Laia started her musical career as a classical singer and flute player, participating for more than a decade in different orchestras of classical and ancient music. Impelled by the need of exploring new horizons, she made a turn towards the music of the world, taking part mainly in Latin Music bands.
Her most recent discovery, the handpan, has become her main instrument, with which she has developed a technique of her own that allows her to create simultaneously a harmonic ground, an individual melody and a rhythm, thus using the instrument to produce a real polyphonic landscape.



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Fernando Noriega

With Arabic and Celtic origins, Fernando became a composer, multi- instrumentalist and singer. He wrote a thesis on the Philosophy of Music based on Schopenhauer and Schönberg and has explored through decades a very large number of traditions, techniques, styles and musical languages to attain the sound that best suits his expressivity. Fernando mainly plays guitar, Arabic oud, Viola da Gamba and oriental percussions, but also Irish bouzouki, accordion and piano.


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