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Anders Miolin – Romantic

Anders Miolin – Romantic

Anders Miolin’s new album Romantic is a personal selection of pieces from the Romantic period, newly arranged for the 12-String guitar DODEKA 

Starting with Beethoven, the pioneer of the Romantic period, going through Chopin and Schubert, and finishing with Coste and Mertz—both of which composed for the guitar—Anders takes these eternal pieces written for piano, 6 and 7-string guitars and makes his own arrangements, delivered by the lush and expansive sound of his 12-string guitar DODEKA, the only of its kind in existence. 

The radiant era of Romanticism expresses the whole range of human emotions, and by reviving Medievalism, mythology, and folk art, it created a unique bond between music and our emotions. In this collection, Anders takes the listener through an emotional voyage where every nuance of the music is expressed with incredible freshness, immediacy, and humanity. 

“Romantic” is Anders Miolin’s second solo album with Prima Classic. 


Anders Miolin


Prima Classic PRIMA006 – Release date: November 27, 2020

Anders Miolin, guitar

Producer Anders Miolin

Executive Producer Edgardo Vertanessian

Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering Edgardo Vertanessian

Produced by: Anders Miolin
Executive Producer: Edgardo Vertanessian
Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering: Edgardo Vertanessian Artwork design: Andrew Vlasov
Booklet design: Matīss Zvaigzne
Photos: Tatyana Vlasova

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