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Anders Miolin

Anders Miolin


Anders Miolin was born in Stockholm, commenced his academic music studies at an early age and graduated with several diplomas. His art has been recognized with international prizes and awards. Anders Miolin is a professor at the Zürich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), where he teaches a large international class. He is an active recording artist, performs and gives master classes worldwide. The artistry of Anders Miolin is characterized by a unique instrument, unique sound, and unique programs. He developed the 12-string DODEKA guitar in 2017 – built by Ermanno Chiavi – and is the only musician in the world who plays it. A cosmopolitan in styles, his programs span from Renaissance to contemporary music. As an arranger and composer, he innovatively extends the repertoire and possibilities of the guitar.


Anders Miolin – Mirage

Anders Miolin – Visions

Anders Miolin – Romantic

Anders Miolin – A Timeless Odyssey

Anders Miolin

[Video] A Timeless Odyssey

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