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Sergey Shamov

Sergey Shamov

Serge Shamov

Sergey Shamov

Sergey Shamov, born in Moscow in 1981, embarked on his musical journey at the age of 6, studying drums and percussion at the Shalyapin Music School. Graduating as a percussionist and musicologist from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Shamov’s expertise extends beyond performance into scientific research and lecturing.

In 2010, Shamov earned his PhD for his groundbreaking work on the expressive and form-building functions of percussion instruments. Since 2000, he has collaborated with orchestras worldwide, showcasing his virtuosity in Russia, Germany, and Australia. As the soloist of the Moscow Region Philharmonic since 2017, Shamov’s talent has been recognized on both the concert stage and the silver screen.

His versatility as a percussionist extends to various music styles, including new-metal, industrial, tango, folk, and electronic projects. Notable performances include premieres of works by contemporary composers and solo renditions of marimba and cajon concertos.

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Shamov’s extensive repertoire is showcased in over ten albums, and his international tours have taken him across continents, earning him acclaim in diverse musical landscapes. His collaboration with Mario Cortes resulted in the creation of the special model King III Special Edition “Sergey Shamov,” solidifying his status as a global percussion luminary.


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