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Anda Eglīte – In the Light of Silence

Anda Eglīte – In the Light of Silence

From the very first composition, this album will tempt you to listen to it more and more, as if wrapping you in a veil of peace, reflection, sentiment, or even a mild sadness. Let the clear and warm range of sound colors of the Kokle make you experience a wide range of feelings, and see a future full of hope.

I hope that while listening to “In the Light of Silence” the light of peace will flow into you!


Anda Eglīte


Executive producer: Edgardo Vertanessian

Recorded at Onda Estudios, Barcelona, Spain, in January 2023
Recording, editing, mixing and mastering: Edgardo Vertanessian
Artwork design: Andrew Vlasov and Tatyana Vlasova
Photos: Tatyana Vlasova
Booklet: Romina Pacor

Catalogue PRIMA023

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